• Hi Jennifer, it depends on whether this is an adult or child and how severe the infection. During little one’s outbreak (at its worst) we used about half of the 32 ounce bottle (2 cups) in a large child’s tub. So if this was an adult size bath (not overly full) then a 32 ounce bottle (4 cups) would have been the ratio. We did scale back as it got better, but the vinegar baths definitely kept things at bay and were gentler than the often recommended “bleach baths”. Also keep it mind if there is any broken skin the water + vinegar will sting so in that case I would dilute to about a quarter to a third of the bottle (8oz-11oz) those situations. If the infection is on an extremity you can just soak the limb/hand/foot in a smaller tub and save that way. I recommend photographing the area and comparing before and after and adjust the dilation accordingly. Each bacterial strain is slightly different and each infection is unique, so adapting to YOUR unique infection is key.

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  • May be a question with an obvious answer I am missing, but when you say dilute pure oregano oil 1% in a tsp, what do I dilute it with?
    Thanks for taking the time to help others :).

    • Hi Michael, thanks for reading! When we talk about diluting essential oils we are talking about “carrier oils” which include food grade avocado oil, olive oil, coconut oil, and similar oils. For topical infections raw virgin coconut oil is nice as the oil itself has antibacterial properties, but you can use any oil that works for you. We dilute oils as they are very potent, essential they are the concentrated chemicals of the plant itself. Using undiluted oils or “neat” can be very irritating to the skin and cause reactions in sensitive people. We like to stay safe and so we dilute. Hope that helps! If you have any further questions I can also be reached via email at mayakim@filteredfamily.com. Best wishes on your recovery!

  • I’ve been using your amazing oil solution on for 4.5 yr and it’s helped so much!! I can’t thank you enough. However, my son(will be one year next week) has been suffering as well. Mainly in his diaper area on his hips. He’s been on antibiotics three times for this 😩
    So my question is-can I use the oil solution on my son, and if so what percentages?
    Once again-I can’t thank you enough-it’s saves my daughter so far!!! Fingers crossed!!!

    • Joanna, apologizes for the delay, the system buried this comment and I just found it. I’m sending you private email in regards to your question.

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