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The Natural Mommy’s List of Resources for a Healthy Pregnancy

There’s probably no better motivator to live a clean Filtered lifestyle than when your belly is swelling with life. Before my little girl started leasing my womb I lived a pretty healthy lifestyle, but I definitely kicked it up a notch once I was pregnant.

For all those mamas growing beautiful babies, here is a quick list of tips with links and resources for a healthy pregnancy.

The Natural Mommy’s List of Resources for a Healthy Pregnancy | via

1. Start by detoxing BEFORE your pregnancy (if you can)

If you aren’t pregnant yet I highly recommend detoxing BEFORE you conceive. This is one of the best ways to clean up your system, stock up on nutrition, and prep your body for baby.

Read this post where Yale Trained MD Aviva Romm guides you through how and why you should detox before pregnancy.

If you are already pregnant don’t panic, there are plenty of ways to ensure a healthy and toxin free pregnancy (read on for more).


2. Eat a clean diet

I can’t stress enough how important a clean Filtered (toxin-free) diet is for a healthy outcome. Remember that this child is being built by what you eat, it is literally what YOU eat.

Don’t build your baby out of nutritionally bankrupt and toxic food.

If you aren’t sure where to start I have created a Beginners Guide to Clean Eating. Although this plan isn’t specific to pregnancy it does lay a solid foundation for what foods support health and wellness. You can also check out, 5 Steps to Avoid Eating Toxins.


3. Herbal supplements for pregnancy

Once the baby has singed the lease and moved in you may want to consider some natural herbs to support your body during pregnancy.

Meagan from Growing Up Herbal has a great post about supportive herbal supplements during pregnancy, check it out here as well as which herbs are safe to use during pregnancy.


4. Educate yourself about ultrasounds

Once those two lines turn pink you’ll probably want to race for an ultrasound, but before you do make sure you understand the risks associated with them.

I personally stuck to only the bare minimum and no more (though some women forgo them altogether), 2 short ultrasounds for the whole pregnancy.

I also recommend you absolutely avoid those unnecessary and high risk mall ultrasounds just to get a peek (and keepsake) at little one.

This is a personal decision, ultrasounds can detect malformations, multiples, and tubal pregnancies, but make sure you have weighed the risks first. In this post doctor Kelly Brogan explains why ultrasounds aren’t as safe as we’ve been led to believe.

Here is another take from Heather at Mommypotamus


5. How to choose a midwife

If you are going to work with a midwife it’s best to interview several candidates and have a handy list ready. Grass Fed Mama has a brilliant list that I wish I had when I was interviewing, get it here.

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6. Swap out your beauty & body products for natural options

Another big exposure to toxins comes from our daily beauty and hygiene products. This is so easy and cheap to fix, so why not throw out all that toxin hormone disrupting carcinogenic crap and replace it with natural alternatives. Read my post, 11 Natural Beauty and Body Swaps to Keep You Toxin Free , you can also read 5 Top Tips for a safer Beauty and Body Routine. 


7. Protect yourself against EMF’s

When I was pregnant I didn’t know much about the dangers of EMF’s (electromagnetic radiation) from cell phones, WIFI, cell towers, smart meters, and the like. But even though I was uneducated about the dangers I had a gut feeling that I should be careful and took quite a few steps to protect my belly and myself from as much as I could.

To be honest this is one of the hardest dangers to avoid, but there are some things you can do.

This post by Dr. Kelly Brogan will give you more insights into the dangers of EMF’s during pregnancy.


8. Alternatives to the diabetes test

Oh how I wish I had known about the alternatives when I was forced to chug down this toxic goo.

I knew it wasn’t good for me. I could see the artificially vivid color from across the room. I knew it had ingredients I would never eat and yet I thought there was no alternative.

Not so! Read this enlightening post from Mommypotamus for natural alternatives to the gestational diabetes test.

9. Which essential oils are safe during pregnancy

Essential oils are amazing but many are not safe for the pregnant mama. Here is a another very thorough post about what is safe and what isn’t from Mommypotamus.


10. How to naturally deal with a cough and cold during pregnancy

Being sick during pregnancy is THE worst! But there are some natural options to get past that cold or flu. This article by Mama Natural will be a lifesaver if you do get sick.


11. Third trimester pregnancy tea

I bought a nutritious boxed pregnancy tea during my pregnancy but this recipe from Wellness Mama shows you how to brew your own batch.


12. Eat dates for a better birth

Did you know that eating dates can improve your birthing experience? From shorter labor to better dilation! Yep, it’s true, read all the details here at Green Med Info.


13. Practice delayed cord clamping

When the baby finally arrives don’t forget to include delayed cord clamping in your birth plan. The benefits are well documented and it’s gaining more acceptance even in standard hospitals. Read more here.


14. Transferring microbiome for a C-section baby

A balanced microbiome is THE best protection you can offer your child. It is literally a link to your genetic past and offers countless protections.

A vaginal birth from a healthy (microbiome balanced) mother will ensure your newborn is colonized by the right microbes. But if you must have a C-section (like I did-meh!) then you can still offer some protection by transferring a swab to the baby.

Read more in this post by Wellness Mama and here by Dr. Kelly Brogan.


So basically…

There is a lot you can do to ensure a healthy pregnancy and a healthy baby. From eating a clean diet, to avoiding toxins in your products, to making better choices about unnecessary interventions…your baby is worth every bit of effort.

We can’t control everything, we can’t protect them from every toxin, but we can make better decisions that can tip the odds in their favor.

If you want to read more about what to avoid once little one gets here read my post Toxic Baby Products: Are You Poisoning Your Newborn?

You might also want to check out the Filtered Living Shop for safer baby products, from diapers to bottles to cribs.

How about you? What did you do to ensure a healthier more toxin-free pregnancy? What resources for a healthy pregnancy can you suggest? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Until next time beautiful mamas!

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This is a great list for pregnant mommies who are looking for a ton of natural resources. It's like a one stop shop for what ever natural mom needs to know. From alternatives to the gestational diabetes test to what to do if you have a c-section! --The Natural Mommy’s List of Resources for a Healthy Pregnancy | via


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