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Psyllium Husk for an Easy and Effective Colon Cleanse

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Spring is tomorrow! And with it comes warmth, longer days, and spring cleaning. Everything feels renewed and this time of year also motivates me to shed any excess toxins and extra weight packed on during the lazy winter and get ready for the hot summer ahead. The first step in my Spring Detox starts with a good colon cleanse. Super sexy right!

This is a great and super effective cleanse that anyone can do and doesn't cost much! Just use psyllium husk and add a few other things and poof! Great if you are backed-up or just been eating lousy lately! --- Psyllium Husk Colon Cleanse | via

Seriously though, there’s nothing sexy about a bunch of old rotting poo stuck all up in there. No ma’am. So let’s stop pretending that we poo sunshine and rainbows and just get on with it.

Today I’m sharing by best remedy for a stuffed up colon. Whether it’s because you’ve been eating junk, need to prep for a detox, support a detox, or you’re just backed up, this easy colon cleanse will help get your colon fresh and clean and ready for a detox or better eating.

Why Psyllium Husk?

Our magic ingredient is all natural psyllium husk. It is the husk of the seed of the plant Plantago ovata. Every 100 grams of psyllium provides a whopping 71 grams of soluble fiber. The plant is native to India and Bangladesh. It is commonly used to relive both constipation and diarrhea. For more about what psyllium can do for you click here. Psyllium is very effective, gentle, and inexpensive. What’s not to love!

Step 1. Buy the right kind

You can buy loose psyllium husk in a jar or in pill form. I prefer loose husk in the jar or bag and the method I give here is for the loose kind. The pills are more expensive and you have to take more to get the same amount, plus beware of toxic additives in the pills.

I choose organic because psyllium is known for being grown in polluted regions.

These guidelines are for psyllium husk NOT psyllium powder (the powder is great for gluten free baking but I use the husk for colon cleansing).

So basically make sure to buy 100% unprocessed organic psyllium husk. It looks like a rough chopped powdery flakes. This is the kind I use.

psyllium husk | via

Step 2. Set-up & things to know

This isn’t complicated but you do need to know a few things.

Psyllium husks expand to about 3 times their size, and does this FAST. This is what makes it such a great colon cleanser but if you take too long to drink your mixture you’ll be drinking gel slop water, not so yummy.

First get your glass of water ready BEFORE you add any husk. I fill a 16 oz. glass (pint glass) about a third of the way, this allows room for the psyllium and makes it easy to stir without spilling everything. The ratio should be about 8oz of water per tablespoon of psyllium husk

lemon water | via

Use clean filtered water and add about 1 lemon’s worth of juice and scoop out any seeds. You’ll be shooting this back and don’t want to swallow any seeds. The lemon is a great tonic for the liver, skin, and a nice boost of vitamin C…plus it makes this taste better.

If this is too much lemon juice for your palate then cut back to about half a lemon’s worth. I’ve been drinking lemon juice for years so I like a tart drink.

Step 3. Mix and drink (easy-peasy)

Once you have your glass of water ready, add a tablespoon (you can work up to 2 tablespoons but read the tips below first). Then QUICKLY stir the psyllium in until it’s completely mixed in and drink.

This isn’t something you can leave sitting on the counter, it will start turning to a gel within seconds so make it snappy.

Step 4. Follow up with water or tea

As I’ve already mentioned psyllium will expand quickly and this means you need to drink plenty of water. After you drink the psyllium fill up another glass of water or make a cup of hot tea to make sure you stay hydrated and have enough liquid in your system to allow the psyllium to work properly. You can also do a detox tea after this, see my tips below.

Step 5. Repeat

If I’m cleansing I do this twice a day (I normally only do this once daily), first thing in the morning and about 3 hours before bed. You can also take a tablespoon about a half hour before each meal up to 3 times a day (this is especially good if you are trying to lose weight). You can do this daily indefinitely if you want (I do).

Regardless of your chosen method, keep track of how you feel and remember the tips below. Now you wait!

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Start this on a weekend or a time when you will be home

You want to get a feel for how your body will react and in order to avoid an embarrassing mad dash to the potty I suggest starting this on a day when you will be home.

Do this first thing in the morning on an empty stomach

This is best done on an empty stomach so pick a time when you haven’t had any food in a while. I do this first thing in morning and wait a few hours before eating anything.

Start slow

I take 2 tablespoons of psyllium in one glass of lemon water once a day for ongoing maintenance. Others prefer 1 tablespoon before each meal up to 3 times a day. BUT it’s best to start slow, 1 teaspoon is a good start if you don’t much fiber in your diet. Almost everyone can tolerate a tablespoon once a day with no issues (and plenty of water).

Be aware that some do find that 1 tablespoon isn’t enough to get a good cleanse and choose to increase the dose from there. I find that 2 tablespoon usually does the trick. I wouldn’t recommend more than 2 tablespoons a day. Remember to increase water accordingly.

People eat different amounts of fiber and have varying degrees of toxic build up, I prefer to start slow and move up from there. You don’t want to go from very little fiber to a lot of fiber at once. This can result in some discomfort, gas, bloating, and sudden onset poops.

Drink more water

The psyllium generally creates light fluffy easy-peasy poops. So if you have hard or dry poops you may not be drinking enough water. Make sure you drink enough water to have light colored urine and easy poops.

Follow the psyllium with green tea

My favorite way to do this is to drink a cup of warm high-quality green tea (I buy Rishi or Numi brand) after the psyllium. Green tea helps empty the stomach and aids digestion (source). By itself green tea is a good tonic and when combined with the psyllium it ensures good emptying. Plus the hot water encourages the process.

Consider adding a detox tea

I’ll be writing about a full cleanse in an upcoming post but for now you can consider adding a cleansing detox tea during your colon cleanse.

This will help facilitate some gentle cleansing and aid in the detoxing of other organs. You can mix your own blend or use a ready-made detoxifying blend. I like Traditional Medicinals Lemon Detox blend as a ready made option.

Add a probiotic

Probiotics themselves can have a cleansing effect on the digestive system. Adding them to this regimen can help your colon cleanse tremendously. Although eating probiotic rich foods are THE best way to get probiotics you can supplement if you aren’t eating plenty of probiotics from food.

Psyllium husk also feeds the friendly bacteria in your gut so consuming the two can have a great impact on your overall gut flora.

There are many types out there and in general I recommend sticking to a high quality brand free of harmful additives.  I like the Garden of Life Brand, this is the probiotic I’m currently using, but there are plenty of good ones.

Stick with liquids or salads for a great cleanse

If you are serious about cleaning up your poop chute (yes I did just call it that) then follow up your morning cleansing drink with a day of fresh homemade juices and or salads. Fresh juices will give you some concentrated nutrients while being easy on the digestion (just don’t overdo the juicing).

If you need something more substantial you can include some fresh organic homemade smoothies and organic fresh salads with a light (preferably homemade unprocessed) dressing. Do this for a long weekend and you should feel lighter and less bloated.

Inspect your poops

Ok I’ve officially grossed everyone out now, but here’s the thing, you need to know what came out of you to determine if you need to continue your colon cleanse and/or increase the psyllium. If all is well in your colon you should be passing easy normal colored poopers.

Safety first

In general this is a safe and gentle way to get more fiber, digest better, and cleanse your colon but there some cases where this should be avoided.

Avoid this cleanse if you have a bowel obstruction, difficulty swallowing, or can’t drink the recommended amount of water. You should also avoid taking this with any medication or supplements as it may interfere with the absorption. wait an hour before or after taking meds or supplements.

So basically…

Colon cleansing doesn’t have to involve intrusive tubing and cringe-worthy appointments. One simple drink twice a day for a few days or even daily can make all the difference. You’ll be amazed and how much easier it is to poop, poo, drop a deuce, pinch a loaf, leave the kids off at the pool (have I gone too far?). Ok sorry, back to business. This is a great way to safely cleanse your colon quickly, inexpensively, and efficiently.

Comments? Do you have any advice to share, have you used psyllium before? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Until next time healthy families!

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This is a great and super effective cleanse that anyone can do and doesn't cost much! Just use psyllium husk and add a few other things and poof! Great if you are backed-up or just been eating lousy lately! --- Psyllium Husk Colon Cleanse | via


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    • Hi Abraham, in general I’m not a huge fan of multi-day juice cleanses, while I have done them I find that my hunger is much higher on juice cleanses. This is likely due to the spike in blood sugar from the juices. While they are good for detoxing and nutrition, the lack of fiber in a traditional cleanse can make it harder to eliminate the toxins coming out of your system.

      I actually prefer doing mutli-day smoothie “cleanses” or my personal favorite Juice (breakfast) + salad (lunch) + smoothie (dinner) detox. That said I do drink juices often, just not as part of an exclusive juice cleanse. If you do a juice cleanse I would suggest adding the psyllium fiber to help move the bowels and a few charcoal capsules in between the juices (to bind the toxins) are a good idea too. Bottom line, listen to your body, if a juice cleanse feels good to your body, go for it!

      A good juice for constipation is beet + pear (or apple) + carrot. I do about 1 beet, 1 apple, and the rest carrots. This juice is EXCELLENT at clearing you out, do this on a day you are home! Oh and it tastes sooooo good. You can try this with or without a juice cleanse. Hope that helps! Best wishes on your detox!

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