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Natural Remedy for Staph Infection

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Bacteria kills. And with the rise of antibiotic resistance it can be harder to overcome.

Recently my four-year-old niece battled a bad staph infection. It took a lot of trial and error and even a course of antibiotics, which didn’t eliminate the infection, but it was this recipe comprised of various essential oils which FINALLY eradicated this scary staph infection. Here is the story and the recipe that saved her.

Natural Remedy for Staph Infection | via

Note: This is part one of a three part series. If you are battling staph or MRSA I highly recommend you read all three in the series. 

Part 1 | Part 2: How to Survive Antibiotic Resistant Infections | Part 3: The Full Staph Protocol

It all started with a round of antibiotics

She had been exceedingly healthy (not so much as a serious cold) but after she had come down with a painful UTI (this is common in newly potty trained girls) her integrative pediatrician knew it was time for antibiotics.

The UTI was successfully eradicated, BUT her microbiome was a hot mess! He gave mom directions for a 6-month microbiome/gut recovery protocol, and it was followed exactly.

In the meantime, and while she was still on the course of antibiotics, we had noticed she had started getting these tiny red bumps. At first we thought nothing of it, being too busy worrying about the UTI. We figured the bumps would go away after her antibiotics were over. They never did.

Within a few days the bumps went from tiny pimple-like bumps in three spots on her chest to deep wine covered blisters with a colony of angry red bumps! It was terrifying!

Staph infection confirmed

She was immediately taken to in to see her integrative pediatrician. He swabbed her lesions and confirmed she had a staph infection. At that point it was only on her skin, not systemic, but it was moving fast. By the end of that day she was covered from neck to ankles in red itchy angry dots.

We agreed she needed yet ANOTHER course of antibiotics to avoid a systemic infection.


Antibiotics DIDN’T fix it!

This time she was given a 10-day course of antibiotics (her second ever round of antibiotics).

It wasn’t until day four that we started to see a change for the better. The poor kid had been in so much agony, itching almost non-stop, unable to sleep, and generally miserable.

By day ten the main lesions were gone (phew!) but she still had staph in smaller clusters on the rest of her body and she had now developed eczema.

Her pediatrician gave mom a serious gut rebuilding protocol to follow and doubled little one’s probiotics.

He also recommended treating her skin with essential oils to help little one recover from the newly acquired eczema and treat the remaining infection.


Antibiotics messed up her microbiome

What we know now is that the first round of antibiotics created an imbalance of her skin microbiome.

If you weren’t aware we have colonies of both good and bad bacteria not just in our gut but also on our skin and likely everywhere else too.

So her skin microbiome took a big hit, and this allowed the staph bacteria to take over. She likely had this bacteria on her skin for a while but being healthy she never had a problem, until now.

Keep in mind this is a kid who eats nothing but organic and tons of fresh fruits and vegetables. She get very little sugar and takes high-quality probiotics and nutrient dense whole-food based supplements. I can’t imagine how bad this would have been for a typical child eating pesticides, junk food, and fast-food.

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It was natural therapies that healed her

By now we knew the antibiotics had caused the problem and were clearly not going to fix it. Over the next few months I tried EVERYTHING to get this kid back to 100 percent.

I started with Manuka honey which helped but didn’t cure her.

Then I moved on to diluted apple cider vinegar baths which made a huge difference but as soon as the baths stopped the infection came roaring back.

Next it was bentonite clay packs which helped to soothe the angry itchy skin but again no permanent fix.

I even mixed an herbal antibiotic of cryptolepis with the blessing of her pediatrician. I credit the cryptolepis tincture with reducing the infection substantially and keeping it at bay until we found the right topical skin mixture.

I know the cryptolepis helped because as soon as we stopped using it she had another major relapse (fast spread of the staph within 24 hours). So we knew it was helping, but it wasn’t the long-term solution we needed either.


My antibacterial Essential oil mixture that got rid of a stubborn staph infection

The magical natural remedy for staph infection

On top of ALL of the above being done simultaneously and without fail (we had two relapses over three months when we stopped a component) I was creating essential oils mixes to apply topically.

At her doctor’s suggestion I started with just tea tree tree oil mixed in avocado oil at a 1% dilution (1 drop per teaspoon), but that didn’t do much.

So I went into mad scientist mode. I stayed up late night after night reading about the chemistry of various oils and researching staph.

Everything was made more complex because we were dealing with a little kid. I should point out not all oils are safe for kids, and the recommended child strengths weren’t eradicating the bacteria.

I went through about 12 variations while steadily increasing the strength until I found what FINALLY worked.



Note: 2 tablespoons of carrier oil is 6 teaspoons. A 1% dilution is 1 drop per 1 teaspoon. A 1% dilution is generally considered safe for those 6 years and older and appropriate for most people including the elderly and immune compromised. A 2% dilution is appropriate for most situations for healthy adults or in acute situations for kids. A 3% dilution is stronger and best used for short term acute situations. Also keep in mind this mixture is further divided into multiple doses/applications so you won’t get as much of each oil per application.

  • 2 tablespoons (6 teaspoons) expeller pressed avocado oil (hydrating which was critical for damaged skin)
  • 1 teaspoon of black seed oil (demonstrated effective against staph but can be irritating for some so start slow. I started with 6 drops)
  • 12 drops of 100% pure tea tree oil – 2% dilution (strongly antibacterial and anti-fungal, a key component)
  • 5-6 drops of 100% pure oregano oil – 1% (the strongest of all the oils for antibacterial activity but VERY irritating, never apply “neat” or straight. Start slow with 1-2 drops and monitor, increase from there)
  • 12 drops of pure lavender oil – 2% dilution (mildly antibacterial but very soothing and good for itching)
  • 6 drops of pure frankincense oil – 1% (great for skin repair and soothing for damaged skin)

I mixed the components in a glass bottle with a dropper and shook it vigorously before each application.

I applied about a quarter sized amount topically all over her skin, morning, noon, and night, until every last trace of bad bacteria, staph, and yeast were gone. This took about a week after starting this exact combination.

Once we had a successful topical mixture we gradually stopped all the other components. For the first time in months she had no relapse!

She has now been clear of any infection for over a year!

Little one also remains on her gut repair protocol which includes a gluten free diet, hefty probiotics, good healthy fats (like coconut oil, avocado, grass fed/pastured butter), omega 3 oils, and more.

Essential Oil Safety

I highly do your own research regarding the safety of each oil. That said here are the age guidelines for the oils used in this recipe taken from this book on essential oil safety or you can also see a list from this website.

Black cumin seed oil – Avoid for kids under 2. Some find this oil irritating, use diluted. Start slow.
Tea tree oil – Avoid for kids under 2.
Oregano oil – Avoid for kids under 2. Always use diluted. Very irritating undiluted. Start slow.
Lavender oil – Generally safe for all kids but use common sense and avoid excess.
Frankincense – Generally safe for all kids but use common sense and avoid excess.
Optional peppermint oil – For anyone over 6 you can add a few drops of peppermint oil for itch relief. Not for those under 6 years of age.

A few things…

I’m sharing this recipe because it took me months and probably over a hundred hours of research to figure out how to help this kid. In the time since I’ve been asked by several moms about this recipe and decided it was time to share.

Keep in mind this recipe is strongly antibacterial and anti-fungal mainly due to the oregano oil, tea tree oil, and black seed oil. The lavender and frankincense are more for itching, inflammation and healing. You can try this recipe on most skin infections or fungal overgrowth.

You can also adjust the amounts up or down depending on the person and the severity of the infection.

Always use common sense, avoid getting in eyes, start slow and use caution.

While this is a stronger solution (at 1-2% dilution) for little ones (and about standard dilution for adults) remember that we had already gone with traditional antibiotics (because of how fast and aggressive this spread) and they didn’t work.

The worst case scenario was ending up with a systemic infection and having to try even more powerful antibiotics which would have further damaged her microbiome and made her even more vulnerable to infection. Also keep in mind the essential oils came recommended by her pediatrician and was used short term.

It’s all about balance

I should mention that although I am strongly holistic oriented when it comes to health and wellness, I am not completely against conventional therapies when they are sensible and a patient is given full informed consent.

I do think antibiotics can be helpful and necessary under the right circumstances. But I also see many doctors reaching for antibiotics and pharmaceuticals when natural therapies or diet changes can treat the problem.

Luckily there are more and more medical professionals arguing for natural treatments and against frivolous use of pharmaceuticals. My daughter and I see holistically oriented doctors who balance western medicine with natural approaches. I see it as the best of both worlds and highly recommend you find a medical professional who aligns with your preferred approach.


If you need more help, I do offer one-on-one support, CLICK HERE to learn more. 

As always I try to share resources that are useful to you. If you’ve had a similar experience or just want to share please include your thoughts in the comments below.

Until next time amazing families!

*Update: This post was so popular that I created two more posts in the series. If you are battling staph or MRSA (I highly recommend reading all three posts.

Part 1 | Part 2: How to Survive Antibiotic Resistant Infections | Part 3: The Full Staph Protocol

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This natural recipe is amazing! I tried EVERYTHING including antibiotics but it was this mixture that finally got rid of a staph infection that covered 95% of a kid's body! --Natural Remedy for Staph Infection | via

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    • Hi Angela, I’ve personally not used this on dogs and haven’t researched each component for dogs however I HAVE heard of folks having success using colloidal silver spray on animals. I’ve used it myself for a variety of uses including wound care and I use the Sovereign Silver brand. If you aren’t familiar with colloidal silver this article by Dr.Axe gives a good overview of its use. Going back to the oils for pets you may want to check out this interview from Dr.Mercola on this very topic. Good luck with your fur friend and thanks for reading!

    • Tea tree aka Malelueca is poisonous to animals so I would not use this for pets. But I have used Aztec Indian Healing Clay (bentonite) mixed with apple cider vinegar for infection in pets and it’s very effective!

  • Hi there! Thank you so much for sharing this information. Do you know what the dilution would be for a child under 2? Thanks again. I look forward to hearing from you.

    • Hi Paula, I’m so glad you found the information helpful. As mentioned in the article the oils are not generally recommended for kids under two because of immature immune systems and an increased sensitivity. Essential oils are quite powerful. However, if you have a little one with a staph infection (which itself can be deadly–depending on the strain) and wish to avoid damaging antibiotics or antibiotics aren’t working then I personally would consider using the solution with some modifications (see below). You might find this resource helpful, by aromatherapist Lea Harris, she also runs a facebook group dedicated to the topic of essential oil safety.

      Specifically you might consider using lavender and frankincense oil first as those are child friendly in proper ratios (see the link). My pediatrician mentioned starting with 1 drop to 1 tablespoon of carrier oil (he like avocado oil or olive oil) and see how the child reacts. Tea tree may also be used (note the kind referenced in the linked article as some are not appropriate)starting with the same dilution.

      Basically you want to use a little as possible while actually eradicating the bacteria, but without causing harm. Each child is different and each strain of bacteria is different. The solution I wrote about in the post was what was needed to kill our aggressive strain of staph. However black seed oil, peppermint, and oregano oil are NOT considered safe for children under two (see link above).

      Other options to consider are topical applications of manuka honey (works in many cases–unfortunately our strain was very aggressive) as well as colloidal silver spray (also can be effective alone–again it helped in our case but we had a strong strain of staph). I buy the sovereign silver spray on Vitacost for about $12 or so.

      You may also consider topical organic raw apple cider vinegar diluted (start with 1 part vinegar to 4 parts water) and using a washcloth to dab the affected area. I would also highly recommend oral probiotics designed for kids (we use Garden of Life brand) as well as non-gmo vitamin C (I buy Doctors Best and open the capsule and mix with a tiny bit of juice) and vitamin D drops (I use Childlife). These will all help the immune system and can make a big difference, especially the probiotics.

      Hope that helps! Best wishes on your journey. Thanks for reading!

  • hi there …I have been looking and trying every remedy out there…I came across this n now I’m curious n wondering would it be worth it…my daughter age 25 now has been dealing with staph for about 5 years now..after many doctor and hospital vist nothing has change..she still gets really big boil fill with puss ..which are extremely painful for her ..if and when she does for to hospital all they do is cut it open drain it and send her on her with antibiotics…they have tried every type of antibiotic under the sun…so my question is this befor we go spend more money that we really can’t afford DO YOU REALLY THINK THATTHIS WILL HELP??

    • Hi there, first let me say I’m so sorry your daughter is suffering with this terrible bacteria. I know first hand how maddening it can be to battle something that seems resistant to everything. But there is hope.

      First let me say that while I can’t guarantee that this combination will work for your daughter I can say that I came to this remedy after trying dozens of things in my arsenal (things that should have overcome the bacteria) and researching the medical literature, and most importantly it worked!

      If you want to save some money on the ingredients I recommend you buy at (there’s also a $10 off coupon for new customers in the Filtered Living Shop). This will save you almost half of what it would cost at a Whole Foods or similar store.

      That said there may be some less expensive options to consider first. First I would highly recommend your daughter try oral oregano oil capsules. I avoided oral oregano with little one because her age didn’t permit it (it’s considered an option after 5 years-old). But as you can see it’s a prominent component in the mixture. My experience with oregano is almost miraculous. It has been hands down the most powerful herbal antibacterial I’ve ever worked with. And while I couldn’t try it on little one, I have used it to help people recover from all sorts of serious bacterial infections including tooth abscesses, kidney infections, and infected sores. It even helped a client recover from a life threatening c-diff infection for which she was hospitalized for almost a month. I like the Gaia brand of oregano oil, which would be 2 capsules twice daily (12 hours apart) or the Vitacost Brand which would be 1 capsule twice daily (The Vitacost brand is more potent) during an infection (not as a daily supplement). However be cautious not to exceed that dose as its potency means it can also be irritating to the mucous membranes. You’ll also want to limit the amount of time you take it to no more than 3 weeks (however if under supervision some naturopaths say 6 weeks–this is usually for a anti-parasite protocol or candida control protocol).

      Second, if cost is an issue then you may want to try just the oregano oil topically instead of the full recipe. Oregano oil itself has been used successfully against MRSA, you can search in PubMed for studies (search carvacrol). However make sure to mix it with a thicker carrier oil like avocado or olive as applying this undiluted WILL burn the skin (it’s hat potent). A 1% solution would be 1 drop per teaspoon of oil and it would be applied directly multiple times daily (every 4 hours or so). If it’s working you’ll see some improvement within 24 hours. You should note it’s takes longer to eradicate an established bacteria than one that’s just popping up, so start this at the first sign. If needed you can increase the percent of oregano oil by one drop at a time. Again, if it’s working you’ll see improvement soon. Also, make sure you buy 100% PURE oregano oil. Most oregano oils are already diluted. I use the NOW brand which is about $12.

      If you see improvement but can’t fully get rid of the bacteria then you do need additional components in which case I’d add the black seed oil and tea tree oil as those are both antibacterials as well.

      You can also have her try some supportive therapies like soaking in a bath with some apple cider vinegar (I use about 8 to 16 oz for an active infection depending on how much bath water and how much you want to spend) or dead sea salt bath, this will also help prevent new infections. This component was critical to controlling the spread while I found something that worked.

      Additionally, you should know that the repeated antibiotics have most likely contributed to the problem in the first place. This isn’t her fault, I know it’s the option doctors recommend. But antibiotics can wreak havoc on the microbiome, including the one on your skin. This can lead to other issues including intestinal permeability, yeast infections, frequent colds/flu, food sensitivities, and even IBS. A full gut building protocol is beyond the scope of this rely but I would highly recommend she first adopt a clean primarily organic whole foods based diet (pesticides and antibiotics can compound the damage to the gut). I wrote a post about my version of a clean diet, The Beginner’s Guide to Clean Eating.

      I also HIGHLY recommend adopting a gut full repairing protocol, this article by Dr.Josh Axe is a good place to start. If the gut isn’t addressed it allows pathogens to flourish and patients find it hard to escape the cycle. At minimum a good probiotic is warranted.

      Another important thing is to frequently wash all linen, clothes, towels, with hot water and either bleach (I don’t normally recommend bleach but in this case I think it’s warranted–just make sure to do a double rinse) or baking soda or white vinegar. This will help mitigate reinfections.

      Lastly, I recommend making sure all her skin products are non-toxic. The reason is that most hygiene products (lotions, creams, body wash, perfume, etc.) contain harmful chemicals that are often carcinogenic, endocrine disruptors, and can irritate and damage the skin. This means they make the skin more vulnerable to infection, something you want to avoid. I just wrote a whole series on this topic, you can check out 5 Top Tips for a Safer Beauty and Body Routine as well as The Best Rated Natural Body Products.

      I know that’s a lot of info but these stubborn infections require a multi-pronged approach. Remember many people HAVE overcome MRSA and staph, there is hope and she has youth on her side. The key is to be consistent and diligent. I hope this helps, please let me know how it goes and if you have any more questions. Best wishes to you and your daughter on this journey.


  • WoW totally going to try this on my daughter who has been battling with a staph infection on her face…her dermo says its from inside her nose but the antibiotics that she’s taken have done nothing. I kind of control it with ACV/water/TeaTree mix however it comes back. I hope this helps my baby out I hate to see that flare up.

    • I’m glad you found this helpful. Don’t forget to read the second part The Full Staph/MRSA Protocol which includes many other supportive options you may find helpful.

      If it’s in her nose (and because she’s a child) I’d especially focus on some high quality probiotics. At the height of my little one’s infection she was taking 4 capsules daily at her pediatrician’s request. For kids I like the Garden of Life Dr. Permlutter’s chewable. Now she takes 1-2 per day and this has gone a long way in preventing reinfection.

      Finally, because the colony in on her face make sure to do a spot check before applying and stay away from eyes (this is a good idea no matter the location but face skin is especially delicate).

      Good luck on your journey!

  • I wanted to share how much of a blessing finding this recipe has been for us. My 14 yr old all the sudden starting getting staph infections on her back and chest. Round after round of antibiotics didn’t kick it. It also seemed that castor oil packs, tea tree oil, ACV, etc. all helped but they still kept coming back. I found your post and the symptoms were similar to our experience. So I whipped up a batch of your recipe. Slow to add more cumin oil and see how she reacted. It did the trick. They healed so much faster and less scaring. Her Dr. blew it off when we told him but the proof was there. I didn’t wash everything last time and it has come back. She actually had a ID reaction from the staph with hives and a bad rash. So this time I bleached everything I could..her laundry basket, door knobs, toothbrush handle, shower walls and shower curtain. You name it. All her worn clothes and linens get washed in hot with bleach everyday and the immunologist suggested 1/2 cup bleach in her bath every other day for 3 weeks. After 14 staph infected sites in a year we are fighting this with all guns blazing. We also have probiotics and supplements on board. We pray that this will beat it for good. I hope so..this tired momma is sick of laundry. 😉
    Thanks again, your information has been so useful and appreciated greatly.

    • Hi Liz, I’m so glad you found the recipe and it helped! I know there is so much involved, only someone who’s been there get how frustrating it is. These infections can be sooo stubborn but hang in there. I know you and your daughter can beat this!

    • Hi Miranda, If you don’t have black seed oil just omit it and keep the rest of the recipe the same. You may find that the recipe works just fine without it. This recipe was developed to combat a very stubborn case of topical staph that needed several antibacterial agents to get rid of the infection. That said I’ve had clients and readers used modified versions with great success. In my opinion the core elements are the essential oils, especially the oregano oil. But since each person’s infection is unique and each person will react slightly differently I offered the most robust recipe I had. You may also spritz colloidal silver in between the Remedy applications to help push things along and hopefully heal faster.

      Thanks for reading!

      • Thank you do much for responding so fast I think its impetigo infection on my nose so I’m going to try your remedy and hope it helps. Also if I only have the oregano oil 100% pur grade essential oil how much would you suggest ingesting if I don’t have tablets. I have veggies caps that I can put them in and combine with usually coconut oil but wasnt for sure how many drops to use in a capsule.

        • Of course 🙂 So on facial skin remember to start with a small (a few drops) amount and see how your skin reacts. The face skin is more sensitive so it’s best to use extra caution, and be careful not to get any in/near the eyes.

          If you want to make your own capsules I would suggest only one drop of good quality 100% pure essential oil in a capsule with your choice of oil (olive, avocado, coconut–though I like coconut because it also has some antibacterial properties). Also be sure to use gloves as straight “neat” oregano oil is very irritating if it gets on your skin.

          For impetigo I would definitely add colloidal silver and you may even want to grab the nasal spray available from Sovereign Silver (about $12 on to reduce the likelihood of the bacteria traveling to your sinuses. In general be mindful of hygiene, try not to touch the spot, wash hands, keep hands out of eyes/nose, etc. If you have a facial sponge, washcloth, brushes, or makeup that may have been contaminated I’d throw them out. You can keep reinfecting yourself with contaminated products. Wash pillowcases with a bit of bleach and baking soda as well. I know it’s a lot but the bacteria is super sneaky and we have to be extra careful to beat it for good. You can also use colloidal silver to spray and disinfect personal object that can’t be thrown out.

          Remember if you start to feel poorly/lethargic, get a fever, or the lesion is growing/red/hot to the touch then seek medical attention. These bacteria travel fast and it’s best to err on the side of caution. Let me know if you have any other questions! Best wishes!

          • What kind of colloidal silver spray would you recommend I have never used it before so I am unfamiliar with the products. I made a half of batch of your remedy last night and so far no irritation. I feel that it is a little better today but would like to get the nasal spray and some colloidal silver when I looked it up there is spray and then just a bottle with dropper from that same brand as the spray are you suggesting something like that or do you have a better one you prefer

          • That’s great. I use the Sovereign Silver Brand for all things colloidal silver. They make a spay which is great for anything topical. I use it in combination with the Remedy in the post. It seems to accelerate the recovery time. I buy from as it’s much cheaper than the health stores. This is the spray and this is the nasal spritz I usually buy a larger bottle and then refill the two smaller bottles but if budget is tight the two smaller ones will last a few weeks of modest daily use. Colloidal silver is also great to disinfect makeup palettes, makeup brushes, and for quick disinfecting of cuts and scrapes. I always carry a bottle in my purse. If your body is carrying these antibiotic resistant bacteria it’s important every cut, nick, and scrape be taken seriously and promptly disinfected. Feel free to email any other questions you may have at 🙂

  • Hi I am not quite sure how long ago this article was written. Ive been told I have osteomyletis on my foot and ankle and possibly amputation necessary. I’m 44 years old mother of a 6 ur old little girl and I don’t even know how why or when his started. I’m scared to death would this possibly help my infection? Is it even possible to heal a bone infection? Any Information would be so greatly appreciated haven’t slept in 4 nights my mind won’t shut off long enough never been so afraid in my life.

    • Hi Shelby! I’m so very sorry you are dealing with this, but know that there are potential options that may help.

      First take a breath, know that you will get through this. I truly believe we are given what we need in life to be who we need to be. I know that sounds very esoteric but whatever you believe in and find comfort in, know that you are not alone. You have a little girl (just one year younger than my own) who needs her mama to be strong, which I know that you are. How do I know? You are seeking out options, alternatives, anything that might help, and reaching out hoping that you have found something that can help. That takes strength and courage. So hang in there darlin’. 🙂

      Ok, so first and foremost, with something as serious as osteomyletis I would NOT stop or discontinue any medication in favor of alternative options without consulting with a qualified doctor/Naturopathic Doctor trained in complimentary therapies. That said, I think it would be prudent to look into the many options that are available and can often complement traditional therapies. (And based on the research often do what conventional therapies can’t).

      First I highly recommend you pick up the book Herbal Antibiotic, by Stephen Buhner. It’s available on Amazon and a HUGE wealth of information. It extremely well researched and a crucial resource for someone dealing with a serious bacterial infection.

      You would likely need a combination of potent herbal antibacterials, at high doses (probably alongside your traditional antibiotics). There are many options but the best would likely be oral oregano oil capsules, cryptolepis tincture (you can get a large bottle from Elk Mountain or contact Montana Farmacy directly as they sell larger bottles from their own website), and in this case I’d also suggest internal colloidal silver (sovereign Silver is my preferred brand for safety and quality).

      Colloidal silver will probably negatively affect your gut microbiome BUT with an infection like this is a very good option, and you’re probably already on antibiotics so that ship has sailed anyway. Right now eradicating the infection is priority number one. You can recover your gut mircobiome once you’ve healed.

      Each would be taken apart from the other but cryptolepis can and probably should be combined with other supportive herbals and taken multiple times daily (4-6X). Best on an empty stomach.

      The oregano oil would be twice daily provided you have no contraindications like ulcers, acid reflux, problems swallowing, kidney disease, or liver disease (not an exhaustive list). This may be taken with a small amount of light food, like some apple or other fruit.

      The colloidal silver would be at max dosing every few hours as per directions on the bottle. Preferably on an empty stomach.

      There are many other herbs than can also be helpful as well as antibacterial, if you know which strain of bacteria it is you can better target the bacteria with a combination of options shown to work effectively against that strain. One that comes to mind is red root to support your lymaphatic system as there will surely be lymphatic system stress in this situation.

      The book I referenced above has various sections for certain bacterial strains, as well as upper limits for the herbs once you determine you have no contraindications.

      Since I don’t know your medical history I would advise that you assess each herb/option for any contraindications, there are many potential side effects with a bone infection, in particular I would assess your overall kidney and liver function as well as take into account any medical conditions.

      If you have a facility near you that does intravenous IV therapy I would also consider that as a additional option. Oral dosing can only do so much, IV therapy should be considered with this type of infection.

      Note: Oral non-GMO vitamin C dosing may help as well but take AWAY from the oregano oil, they should never be taken together as they are too acidic together and can cause serious stomach pain and (in my opinion) increase the likelihood of an ulcer forming. Take them at least 2-3 hours apart.

      Besides all that, do make sure to support your body with healthy organic whole foods, your body is tackling a LOT, it’s important that your food support your recovery and not interfere with it. Toxic food will be a burden on an already taxed system and make recovery much more difficult. Stick with homemade whole food based meals, fresh juices, fresh made smoothies, green salads, plenty of veggies, chew very well, eat just enough, and make sure you are allowing your body time to focus on recovery and not stuck digesting. This is especially true at night, eat your last meal early enough so that you go to bed on an empty stomach, that way your body and immune system can focus on your healing instead of digesting during the night. And make sure to stay well hydrated.

      There is a lot more I might suggest based on your unique situation. If you like to chat further drop me an email at I’m happy to help!

      Best wishes on your recovery!


  • I was wondering if you had anymore suggestions. My husband has an infection on his shins. I’ve been having him do raw garlic and an immunity tincture blend twice a day internally with the homeopathic med silicea. Externally we’ve been doing a diluted acv, a wormwood tincture and then coconut oil with lavender, thieves, lemongrass, frankincense, oregano oil, yl purification, tea tree oil, thyme, lemon and yl immunity blend. He’s had it for three months and we’ve been doing everything for about to weeks. It hasn’t gotten worse but doesn’t really seem to be improving. I will get the black cumin seed oil what brand do you recommend? Any other suggestions would be really helpful. This is the second time he’s had this. The first time the antibiotics didn’t get rid of it but the purification oil and lavender did.

    • Hi Leslie, thanks for reaching out. The brand I now prefer is Activation products Black Seed oil, but Amazing Herbs has worked in the past. My concern with their product is it seems to be up and down in terms of consistency. Activation seems to be more consistent, although it’s more expensive. I’ve replied to your inquiry via email so I can get more details regarding your situation. I’m happy to help in any way I can!

  • This might be a silly question. I am not familiar with the use of oils. My son has been having reoccurring staph infections (about every six months a new outbreak). Nothing seems to be getting rid of it completely, so I am willing to try anything. After mixing the solution, where do you apply the oils? Just anywhere on the body or directly onto effected area?

    Thank you

    • Hi Carly, there are no silly questions. I’m sending you an email response as I do have some questions to help you make the most of the natural options.

  • Hello Maya,
    I’m so glad I came across your site. My 14 year old daughter was prescribed topical and oral steriod for 12 months for her eczema, then we stopped because it was making her worse. She went through Red Skin Syndrome (Topical Steroid Withdrawal) for 6 months. Although she started to improve 4 months after stopping the steroid, she started having these lesion on the bottom of her feet. It would subside, then grow back. Derm said a month ago that it was staph and wanted her on antibiotics but I refused and so they gave her bactroban ointment instead. It didn’t clear up the lesions. It’s been 2 months now. I’m giving her ACV foot baths 2x a day and applying manuka honey 2x a day. This seems to control it but it’s not really improving. Last week I read something about black cumin seed oil and applied it on her ankles (where her eczema seem to be getting worse). I applied the black seed undiluted (I didn’t know it was that potent). The black seed didn’t irritate her, so I hope this is ok to continue? or do I need to dilute it in another oil? I have not applied the black seed on the lesions under her feet. How long can your recipe be used? maximum 2 weeks? Thank again and looking forward to your reply.

    • Hi Cheryl. Thank you so much for your message. I have sent a detailed reply to your email inbox. Please let me know if you have any additional questions. I’m happy to help in any way I can.


  • Hi Maya—Thank you for these posts and the level of detail you provide. I’m in the midst of dealing with a staph infection for the first time (no clue how I got it) and am anxious to get rid of it b/c I’ve just been laid off and *need* to be healthy for job interviews. I began oral and topical antibiotics the evening of 6 days ago but by 2 afternoons ago saw very, very little improvement, so I turned to online research for help and discovered your site. If you have time, I have a few questions:
    – For an infection on half of one arm and about 1/4 of the other as well as a small area on two fingers, how long would you expect recovery to take, or how quickly would you expect to see improvement?
    – What are the general/basic stages of healing?
    – When will the “weeping” from the small red bumps stop?
    – Do you recommend washing and cleaning infected areas between applications of the oil mixture?
    – Do you recommend wrapping the areas in gauze of some kind or something else?
    – What brand of bleach do you buy?

    • Hi Elizabeth. Thank you so much for your message. I have sent a detailed reply to your email inbox. Please let me know if you have any additional questions. I’m happy to help in any way I can.


  • Hi there,
    I was just wondering if the 6 teaspoons of avocado oil is the carrier oil or if I should be diluting each essential oil separately and adding it to the avocado and black seed oils. Sorry, I’m new to this! Thanks so much!

    • Hi Meagan,

      I’ve sent a detailed response via email. Please let me know if you have any additional questions, I’m happy to help. For the rest of the readers here is a very simple answer to the question.


      You’ll be adding each oil to the same 6 teaspoons of carrier oil. This is a very small recipe because it often takes some tweaking to find the right strength but once you find what works feel free to multiply the recipe as needed.

  • Hi maya, I have been dealing with reoccurring boils for many years (thighs and under breasts). The last 2 years they have gotten much worse. I’ve had one lanced a few years back and the doctor said it was fine and that some people carry more bacteria on their skin than others… and not to worry. I am worried. These are painful, they are spreading, and leave hideous scars! I’ve also noticed that recently they last longer. I’ve been avoiding the doctor because I know they will throw antibiotics at me. I’ve tried Silver and it has helped some..but usually when I think I have one under control another pops up nearby. I read something about tunneling beneath the skin. Is this possibly what’s going on and could your recipe help?

    • Hi Shay, thank you for you for reading and for the question. I have sent you a detailed reply to your email inbox. For those reading, yes you have every right to be concerned and tunneling or burrowing is indeed a distinct possibility. Again, I’ve thoroughly responded via email. Take care!

  • Hi.. me and my 4kids got staph infection..the doc didn’t say which kind but it started around the mouth for my daughter and son.for me kinda all around my face then neck..just little red pimple like dots that seem to appear then comes and goes..should I try the remedy on this page? For all ages 3years and up? For the most part it doesn’t itch..the doc gave me cream (mupirocin) and since I have been using it it has seem to make it worse..and now even spreading..

  • I’m glad that the kid is now safe from this staph infection. I couldn’t imagine how tough it must have been for this little kid. Thanks for not giving up on finding the best cure for the infection and thanks for sharing this information to us too.

  • Hi. I wanted to drop you a thank you message. In fact, I never comment on blogs, but thought I owed it to you and your readers. My 14-year-old daughter contracted MRSA when she was 2 years old. The death rate for MRSA is between 20-50% – the higher is number is for children.

    For more than 11 years, trying to avoid antibiotics except when a full blown boil would appear, she used medicated ointments, washed with specific medicated washes, and took bleach baths – all under the guidance of her pediatrician. Almost 3 years ago, looking for a natural and gentler remedy, I mixed up my first batch of your recipe. My daughter began rubbing it on the affected areas anytime there was any sign of redness. I am happy to report that I have not had to intervene physically (or painfully) to address developing boils – because none have developed. Now that she’s a bit older, with more resilient skin (and with another new batch of this amazing potion), she is using it everyday after her shower. This oil blend allowed us to get ahead of the infection, and it honestly changed our lives. I cannot thank you enough for this.

    • Hi Tam, wow this just made my day! I’m so happy to hear that your daughter is doing so well! This is exactly why I do this, to help people just like you. Thank you so much for taking the time to write this lovely review!

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