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My Favorite Natural Remedy for Pink Eye

I can still remember wandering blindly through the bedroom, feeling my way to the sink with my eyes crusted and sealed. Yep, I had pink eye, and no my mom did not know of any natural remedy for pink eye. So I suffered needlessly, and managed to walk straight into the door frame! Ouch!

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But you aren’t just anyone, you are someone who proactively seeks out better ways to do things.

You are someone who won’t let your kid suffer with crust laced eyes waiting for it to simply pass.

You are someone who won’t risk breaking your own ankle while blindly working your way to the sink (which has apparently moved 10 feet now that you are blinded).

Nope, you are here and that means you take action and choose better, including finding a better natural remedy for pink eye, aka eye infections (or if you want to get technical, conjunctivitis).

So today I’m sharing my best and most effective natural remedy for pink eye–the one I’ve used to successfully cure those crusted eyes–so you can get better (or get your kiddo better) and move on with your fabulous life.

My favorite Natural Remedy for Pink Eye: Colloidal Silver Spray

To be honest this isn’t the only natural remedy for pink eye but it is my hands down favorite, because it works!

First let’s review, what is colloidal silver?

“Colloidal silver is a liquid solution created using electrolysis to suspend pure, metallic elemental silver (in groups of particles 15 atoms or fewer, each with a positive electric charge) attached to simple protein molecules, in distilled water. Colloids of silver should stay suspended, rather than sinking to the bottom, as the electric charge is stronger than gravity. Good quality colloidal silver should therefore not require shaking before use, or be dark in color.”(source)

Colloidal silver has a long history of use, going back to ancient Greece and even earlier. Colloidal silver has been used through the centuries exactly because it is very effective against bacteria.

Unfortunately there is a lot of misinformation out there regarding colloidal silver, mainstream sources typically claim it is nothing more than placebo or even harmful.

For the record (and despite the campaign against colloidal silver) it has been established that colloidal silver has been proven to kill bacteria (source), so much so that silver is used in wound dressings and in medical equipment.

As far as Colloidal Silver being harmful there are a couple things to note. First, there is a form of cheap silver (ionic silver or silver protein) that when taken orally and in mega doses and usually over extended periods of time can indeed give folks a blue tinge, called argyria. However true colloidal silver is not associated with this effect and is still recommended by many holistic doctors (source).

As for ingestion of colloidal silver it is unclear if colloidal silver can kill good bacteria as well as harmful bacteria. Some doctors and researchers say yes, others no, I’ll be going into more depth on this in another post. But for today’s purposes, topical and internal use of true colloidal silver is considered safe and effective against harmful bacteria but may also interfere with beneficial bacteria.

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Now, considering the treatment for eye infections is usually pharmaceutical antibacterial drops, I much prefer to use a few spritzes of true colloidal silver. It’s a matter of weighing the benefit versus the risk of the alternative.

That said, it is important that you buy a high quality brand of true colloidal silver. This is the brand I use it comes it the recommended 10 PPM (parts per million) dose and it  comes in a spray bottle perfect for a quick spritz in the eye.

To administer, first I wash both eyes with warm water, or a lukewarm tea like chamomile (the tea + colloidal silver is very effective but not absolutely necessary), then I apply two spritzes in each eye (to avoid spreading bacteria which can easily jump from eye to eye) 3 times daily until the condition is resolved. Easy peasy!

In my experience colloidal silver as an eye infection remedy works fast and remarkably well without causing burning or irritation in the eye. I usually find total relief within 48 hours, but prefer to keep spraying a day or two longer just to make sure the infection won’t return.

There is one thing to note, if you have an eye infection beyond the surface of the eye, as in within the eye, colloidal silver alone won’t be sufficient. While colloidal silver is helpful you will also need an internal antibiotic (either herbal or traditional depending on the circumstances, severity, and your preferences). If this is the case my favorite internal herbal antibiotic is oregano oil in capsules.  I’m constantly amazed at the effectiveness of oregano oil to treat harmful bacterial infections. In general kids over 5 can take oregano oil in child specific doses but do check with an herbalist or holistic pediatrician.

There you have it, a simple and effective natural remedy for a very common problem. Do yourself a favor and buy a bottle of colloidal silver and keep it on hand in case someone in your home gets an eye infection, aka pink eye, aka conjunctivitis.

You can also find the recommended colloidal silver spray, as well as other versions of colloidal silver (like the nasal spray) and other favorite natural remedies in the Filtered Living Shop.

And by the way, you can also use colloidal silver to disinfect cuts and scrapes. I use it in place of the antibacterial Neosporin.

Finally, I also used colloidal silver to supplement the protocol for an antibiotic resistant staph infection which I wrote about in this post, My Natural Remedy for Staph Infection.

How about you, have you used this remedy in your home? Do you have another favorite use for colloidal silver? Share your thought in the comments below.


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