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My Favorite Natural Baby Products

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Baby balm, body wash, and boogie wipes, oh-my!

There a lot of products out there for little ones! Sometimes I think the industry sees dollar signs on our baby bumps, knowing we’ll buy anything to properly care for, and comfort our precious bundles. New moms are about as vulnerable as a turtle on its back.

When I was a new mama it all so overwhelming.

I knew I wasn’t going to use conventional toxic products, but that still left a lot of natural options to choose from.

Over the years I’ve tried a lot of things. Along the way I’ve found some great products that made raising a little one a bit less toxic.

So here you go awesome mamas, a cheat sheet and my current list of my favorite natural baby products.

My Favorite Natural Baby Products | via

Homeopathic Teething Tablets – Hylands Teething Tablets

Hylands Teething TabletsTeething is no joke. And I don’t mean just for the screaming baby.

Inconsolable, crabby, angry, and generally pissed off, are all good ways to describe to describe the teething homo sapien. Those are also good ways to describe the sleep deprived parents.

Skip the dangerous numbing gels, avoid the toxic liver damaging Tylenol, and try these tablets instead.

If you think homeopathy is quackery, that’s fine, just try the tablets. You’ll be an instant convert.

It was actually these little tablets that got me hooked on the wonderful world of homeopathy. After I saw the amazing effect on my irate six-month-old, I was sold. You NEED these tablets.


Teething toys — Haba Kringelring or Green Sprouts Natural Wooden Ring Rattle or Plan Toys Bunny Rattle

green sprouts Natural Wooden Ring Rattle

Little ones love to stick EVERYTHING in their mouths. So choose something made from natural materials like these wooden teething rings. They are comforting to tender gums, great for little hands and the two with dyes have dyes sourced from vegetables.



Baby Probiotics – Jarrow Jarro-Dophilus

Jarrow-Formulas-Babys-Jarro-Dophilus-plus-FOS-I highly recommend baby probiotics, but particularly for any child born via c-section, who has been given antibiotics, breastfeeding from a mother who eats a standard American diet, or struggling with digestive issues including colic.

My little one was born via c-section, and I began supplementing with age appropriate probiotics from the moment we got home.

I attribute probiotics–along with our generally healthy lifestyle—as one of the main reasons why she never struggled with colic, behavioral issues, or major illness in general.

Buy infant-specific strains and dose according to weight. I used the Jarrow brand Jarro-dophilus with good results.

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Bath Time—Dr. Bronners Unscented Castile Soap

Dr Bronners Fair Trade Organic Castile Liquid Soap


I skipped the toxic yellow bottles of carcinogens and instead I used Dr. Bronners natural castile soap.

It does a great job at getting baby clean, but is super simple and gentle.

I still castile soap as my everyday body wash, except I like the soothing lavender version.


Now Foods Avocado OilMoisturizer – Avocado oil + coconut oil

Although there are some great natural brands out there, I prefer 100% natural oils for all my moisturizing needs.

So for baby I used a mix of cold pressed avocado oil with a bit of coconut oil.

The coconut oil is antimicrobial which is great for helping along developing immune systems. The avocado oil is thick, moisturizing, and rich with vitamin E. A great little all-natural combo for baby’s sensitive skin.

Diaper Rash Cream – California Baby + Earth Mama Angel Baby Balm

Earth Mama Angel Baby Bottom Balm

Baby diaper rash happens to even the most diligent of parents. Besides the usual tricks, reach for an all natural cream to protect and heal skin.

Earth Mama Angel Baby Balm is an effective and cloth diaper friendly baby balm. I’ve used it with great success on emerging rashes.

If your little has a more stubborn rash, then California Baby Diaper Rash Cream is a good choice. It does have lanolin and zinc so not cloth diaper friendly, but it does work for most cases.

Redmond Clay Baby Powder


Baby powder – Redmond Clay Baby Powder

I LOVE this stuff!

My daughter had a pretty long run in diapers, and as her diet became more diverse, we were fighting diaper rash more often.

Using this powder derived from desert bentonite clay was a game changer. This baby powder stopped emerging diaper rash in its tracks.


Glass Bottles – Philips AVENT Natural Glass Bottle or Life Factory Glass Baby Bottle or Evenflo Feeding Classic Glass Twist Bottles

Philips AVENT Natural Glass Bottle

Of course breast is best BUT if you aren’t breastfeeding (or end up pumping like I did) then you will need bottles.

I was originally persuaded that BPA-free plastic bottles were okay but eventually realized that BPA-free plastic still leaks many endocrine disrupting chemicals.You can read more about the dangers of plastic in this post.

This is a good lesson, stick with the old standbys that you know are safe. In our case that means glass bottles.

In just the last few years there have been many new products on the glass bottle scene. My new favorite is the durable Philips Avent glass bottle with a more natural shaped vented nipple.

Lifefactory 9-Ounce Glass Baby Bottle

Of course Life Factory’s silicone sleeved glass bottles are always a good choice, especially if your little one likes to drop bottles (though all three are made from thick durable glass).

A nice bonus with Life Factory is you can switch to a sippy cup top or regular cap as your little one grows.

Evenflo Feeding Classic Glass Twist Bottles

You can also go with the budget friendly Evenflo Feeding Classic Glass Twist Bottles.

These bottles also attach to the Medela Freestyle Pump if you want to pump straight into glass bottles.




Make your own baby food – Cuisinart Smart Stick + Steamer Basket

Conair Cuisinart Smart StickI highly recommend you make your own baby food. It’s cheaper and quite easy to pull off. I think avoiding processed baby food was one of the best decisions I made.

Here’s the problem with baby food makers. First they are all very expensive for something you’ll only need for a few months.

Second, and most importantly, they are all made of plastic and steaming food inside plastic kind of defeats the whole toxin-free thing.

Avoid the toxic plastics and do what I did. First, buy a quality steamer basket so you can lightly steam your food the old fashioned way.

Then use the immersion blender to puree away inside a glass or stainless steel bowl. And unlike the baby food makers you can use these gadgets for years to come, not just the three months they’ll be eating pureed food.


Glass baby food containers – Glasslock 6-Piece Square Baby Box Set

Glasslock 6-Piece Square Baby Box Set

Now you need a safe toxic-free place to store all that nutrient dense baby food you just made. Please stay away from plastic and go with glass containers, like these little ones perfect for baby food from Glasslock.

I have a whole 18 piece set of their products and love the durability and variety of sizes they offer.




Green Feeding – Avanchy Toddler Bamboo Bowl + Innobaby Din Smart Stainless Starter Bowl + OXO Tot Training Fork & Spoon Set

Avanchy Toddler Bamboo Stay Put Suction BowlSkip all the plastic plates and utensils and go with something less toxic.

I love the chic Avanchy bamboo toddler bowl, and the suction base makes it less likely to end up on the floor.

You can also opt for the 4 piece set with plate, spoons, and bowl.

Innobaby Din Smart Stainless Starter BowlA nice stainless steel option is the Innobaby Starter bowl. Handles on both sides make it easier for little hands to grasp.




Organic cotton toys — Organic Farm Buddies & Under The Nile

Apple Park Organic Farm Buddies Surfer ChickEvery little person needs a lovie, or ten. Buy organic cotton toys that you can feel good about AND throw in the wash to disinfect.

Here are a few good choices. I LOVE the adorable Organic Farm Buddies line of stuffed toys, my favorite is their Surfer Chick buddy and matching rattle.Under The Nile Bunny Blanket Friend

Under The Nile also makes great organic cotton lovies (and clothes), like the Blanket Bunny at right, but my fav is their giraffe (super cute!). But look around, there are several companies that make organic toys and more and are popping up.


Natural Baby Wipes – Jackson Reece, Water Wipes, Naty Nature or DIY

I’ll admit, there are certain things I’d rather buy than make. Wipes are one of those.

So if you are in the market for natural wipes, here are a few I’ve used and really like.

These wipes are all good choices for avoiding toxins, my favorites are Jackson Reece, Water Wipes, and Naty by Nature.

However if you are inclined to make your own, that’s awesome (good luck to you), here is good tutorial from Wellness Mama.


Baby Diapers – Cloth or Bambo Nature, Earth’s Best, Naty by Nature, or Seventh Generation

Everybody poops, so the story goes. And babies poop a lot.

Steer clear of the bleached cottons and dioxin heavy traditional diapers and go a more natural route.

Of course using cloth diapers is about as green as it gets. I dabbled in cloth diapers and failed miserably. So I went with a natural brand of disposables (and took the environmental points hit).

Here are the two brands I like best. Bambo Nature and Earth’s Best seemed to come out ahead for leak protection and fit. Both are good choices for your all-natural baby.


So there you have it! My list of my favorite natural products for raising a happy and healthy baby.

If you want to learn more about what kinds of products to avoid read my post, Toxic baby Products: Are You Poisoning Your Newborn and read about how to have a non-toxic pregnancy in my post, 5 Powerful Steps to Have a Non-Toxic Pregnancy.

If you want more awesome non-toxic products then check out the Filtered Living Shop for more great options.

These are my favorites but I probably missed a bunch of things. What all natural products are your favorites? Is there some super cool product we should know about? Share in the comments below.

Until next time happy families!

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From baby balm to bottles, check out this list of all natural products for your toxin-free baby -- My Favorite Natural Baby Products | via Filtered

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  • Thanks sooo much for this list! And we still have a few more items to get, but I definitely do NOT want to buy the baby food…..and with your list here, we now know of good products to purchase and make our own. And I dreaded the thought of baby powder (what with that woman ending up having gotten cnacer from using it), so you’re suggestion for an alternative is very much appreciated. 🙂 Getting closer to the due date…..we’re excited. 🙂

    • Hi Liz, congratulations of the new baby! Yes that’s a great point, J&J was recently named in a lawsuit regarding the cancer diagnosis (cervical I think) of a woman who used their baby powder for years.

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