• Hi. What brands of Oil of Oregano do you recommend as high quality and dependable? I’m usually an Amazon shopper but recently heard something about essential oils purchased on amazon and that they may “not” be the real deal in the bottle or may be inferior products. I don’t want to take chances.
    My husband acquired a horrific case of mrsa in fall 2015 following a very intensive calcaneus surgical repair. He fell 15 ‘ off a ladder and shattered his calcaneus into over 100 pieces requiring a very long surgery to reassemble and put in a plate and 12 screws. The mrsa was just awful and the surgical wound opened up but they couldn’t close it due to the mrsa deep in the wound. It was decided the mrsa may be on the metal plate. He went thru 8 weeks IV vancomycin and a hellish recovery with 4 months before he could walk independently. Improved well and then December 2016 he had a sudden reoccurrence out of the blue. Foot swelled up and pain was horrible, couldn’t walk. Had emergency surgery and found metal plate broke in his foot, doctors decided broken plate may have cut inside tissue and spread mrsa. They removed all hardware and another 8 weeks IV antibiotics Cupicin. Slower similarly hellish recovery. No guarantees from infectious disease doctors.
    He has been improving steadily but suddenly developed pain over past 2 days in same foot and limping. I am concerned it is back. I’d like to try him on Gaia oregano capsules but want to have oil on hand too. Any guidance would be great!

    • Hi Andrea, I’m so sorry to hear about your husband, it sounds like you guys have been through a lot. I know just the idea of the MRSA coming back can send you into a panic. I know how hard it can be, so let me just say there is hope, you CAN get off the merry-go-round of infection -> antibiotic -> infection. As for your question, I currently use the NOW brand of oregano oil as it’s one of the few brands that sells undiluted oregano oil.

      You are right to avoid unestablished brands of essential oils, especially for medicinal treatment like MRSA. Currently I stick with either NOW, Aura Cacia, Rocky Mountain Oils, Mountain Rose Herbs, or Plant Therapy.

      Anyone who’s ever had MRSA (or any other serious bacterial infection) should always keep a variety of antibacterial oils on hand and ready to go. I would recommend using my combination mixture mentioned in Part 1 This is a more comprehensive mixture since bacteria can evolve and having a more complex mixture can often be more effective (but each strain is different and they are ever evolving). I’ve also been experimenting with the addition of geranium oil to the above blend with good results (faster overall suppression)

      Since he had an internal type infection (as opposed to just skin surface) he’ll need to stay VERY vigilant as these infections can start subtle but move FAST. It really requires one to be really aligned with what is going on in their body and NOT ignore any symptoms (even if they seem innocuous). I’ve worked with several cases of antibiotic resistant bacteria and in each case reinfection happened when the immune system was compromised (not hard to do these days) and developed lightning fast. So he needs to respond at the FIRST sign of reinfection so as to mitigate the spread before it reestablishes a colony.

      Oral oregano oil is a good approach for this but try do limit the use to outbreaks or a suspected outbreak as oregano oil is potent (which of course is why we use it). Nonetheless do think of it as a medicine at be thoughtful about its use.

      As I mentioned reinfections tend to happen when you’re when your immune system is under stress (by illness, stress, or poor nutrition) or when the microbiome is compromised (as it would be after antibiotics). So as I mentioned in the article proper nutrition with an emphasis on microbiome recovery is crucial. If you body is stressed by poor nutrition and burdened by toxins in your food it will have a hard time battling such a potent pathogen. Remember bacteria are notoriously opportunistic.

      In general all my cases where the individuals ate a proper nutrient-rich, low-toxin diet AND followed prevention protocols (like what I mentioned in the post) were able to significantly reduce reinfection. My c-diff case has yet to have a reinfection. My little one has seen attempted reinfections but acting promptly cut off the progress before the bacteria were able to be reestablished. My only relapse was from a patient who was on long-term chemo meds. So I highly recommend he commit to diet and lifestyle changes if he hasn’t already.

      lastly I want to mention that one product I just recently discovered and have been recommending with my clients is a new liquid supplement called Restore. It reportedly prevents damaged from glyphosate (pesticide) and helps seal the gut. Glyphosate was patented as an antibiotic (and another reason why toxin-free/organic eating is key) so I thought it could also be of use in post antibiotic recovery. I’ve been recommending it to clients to help them recover from microbiome damage caused by antibiotics and so far all results have been very good. You can read more about the product here (I’m not affiliated in any way, just found it unique, promising, and effective).

      Best wishes on this journey. Remember there is hope and many people DO recover and get off the antibiotic/infection cycle.


  • I was just diagnosed with a staph infection (possibly mrsa). I will know the specific strand tomorrow. I am current on clindamycin. I want to help my body heal along with the antibiotic. The source of the infection was clogged pores under my armpit which resulted in boils due to switching deodorants. I found out later when reading amazon reviews that people using that deodorant had similar problems. The boils became very painful, red, inflamed and filled with pus. I went to the dr yesterday and they opened them, cleaned them out and banaged them. They prescribed me and antibiotic. TOday my arm was still very painful and I noticed big red blotch on my arm. There was also a lump on the back of my arm. I went back and the dr I saw believes that the bacteria must be resistant to the antibiotic prescribed yesterday. So he prescribed the new one I have listed above. I have very worried about what the antibiotics are going to do to my gut and microbiome. I was planning on getting all the things you listed in pillar 2. Would that be wise to start all that at once? I would love to hear your thoughts. THank you so much.

    • Hi Sarah, thanks for reading and know that I am sorry you are dealing with this. So just a few points for clarification: First of all I cannot advise going against medically recommended protocol. Also I cannot confirm if any of the natural herbs taken orally along with the antibiotic would interfere or complement with the antibiotic.

      That said you have good reason to be concerned with your recovery and gut health, however the infection is most urgent and needs to be handled first (then you can focus on the gut healing). But first regarding your question about the natural options recommended in Pillar two and the companion post with the Topical Remedy, they are all good to have on hand, especially considering that these infections can come back (often withing months). These natural options can be VERY helpful in preventing another infection or handling it quickly at the first sign of infection. For example the Natural Remedy for Staph Infection Topical Remedy can be mixed into your body oil (I like olive oil but any will do) and used on the skin to prevent new infections.

      For now since you are already on the antibiotic and have an active infection, which may or may not respond to treatment, I suggest you consider and research both colloidal silver (topical spray on the underarm/affected area AND oral dosing) and oral oregano oil. These are the two “big guns”.

      Keep in mind oral oregano oil should not be taken if you have ulcers, acid reflux, swallowing problems, or any other serious digestive issue. Also do NOT take oregano oil with anything acidic like vitamin C (ascorbic acid), in my experience they become too acidic together and can cause stomach pain and possible ulcers.

      In general colloidal silver is the more gentle of the two.

      But with potential antibiotic resistant infections both can be critical for recovery. I would keep both on hand. I prefer the Sovereign Silver brand of colloidal silver. You can also spritz the colloidal silver on the area and in the future use it on any suspect area (it’s also great for scrapes, nicks, cuts, and even foot fungus and dandruff).

      If the infection is not responding to antibiotic I would recommend researching and considering adding both oral colloidal silver and oral oregano oil to your protocol. So yes, I would stock up now.

      Once you are recovered and no longer have any active infection, it will be time to focus on gut recovery. The protocol I’ve used on clients who’ve been on antibiotic, including the massive doses for C-diff, is as follows:
      *A primarily organic whole foods based plant primary diet with a smattering of high quality meat (preferably paleo as it removes most food that can make leaky gut worse, pesticides can also exacerbate the problem)
      *If there were massive doses of antibiotics used then the plant food (veggies/fruits) should be soft cooked or blended like smoothies (easier to digest), meat should also be cooked very tender.
      *Add a supplement called RESTORE will be CRITICAL to gut recovery (this product is a game-changer).
      * I like to add probiotic as well (I like the Garden of Life line)
      * Add fermented foods like raw saurkraut, raw fermented pickles, water kefir, and if you are not dairy sensitive then raw milk kefir/yogurt as well.
      * Homemade bone broth using ONLY organic bones
      * Consider adding DGL licorice root and slippery elm tea or marshamallow root tea (as they can each help heal the gut lining)
      * Add RAW honey for the added probiotics and antibacterial qualities

      Finally make sure to monitor for any reinfections, get used to daily skin inspections. Any suspicious patch, bump, or nick should be taken seriously. Using the Recipe I linked to above as a topical added to your body moisturizer and keeping colloidal silver spray would both be helpful.

      Also incorporating some natural food based antibacterials would be wise as well, my favorite, chopped organic garlic cloves (1-3) coated in raw honey (start slow). If you swallow it off the spoon like you would with a pill, you hardly taste anything but honey. Followed up with lemon water results in almost no garlic aftertaste. Both are extremely antibacterial.

      I hope that helps! Feel free to email me for any further questions at mayakim@filteredfamily.com.

      I wish you a speedy recovery and send virtual hugs!


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