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How to Find Safe Non-Toxic Products

At the core of a Filtered lifestyle is using safe non-toxic products on your body and around the house. Unfortunately that’s easier said than done.

A stop at the store lands you in a minefield of toxic products. To make things worse the term “natural” is overused and unregulated, making it even harder to make a good choice.

Lucky for you it’s not necessary to become an amateur chemist to make safe choices for your family. There are a few great resources that can make choosing safe products a breeze.

Here are my favorite resources for choosing safe products, from makeup to cleaners to food.

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Tip #1: Read Labels

Let’s start with the obvious one. Simply reading the label will give you a ton of info.

While you may not understand each ingredient you will recognize simple ingredients from complex chemicals.

If in doubt simpler is better. If you recognize the ingredient that’s a good sign the ingredient is in its natural form and likely safer.

As a general rule, the fewer ingredients the better. Especially when it comes to food. However many skin care companies are now creating very simple all natural products entirely from food grade ingredients.

Whether it’s food packages or cleaners, I highly recommend getting into the habit of reading labels.

As you get more and more proficient you’ll begin to recognize red flags and recognize harmful products.

Combine label reading with the resources below for the best options.

Tip #2: Use the EWG Skindeep Database

The Environmental Working Group has some fantastic resources for safer picks.

The first one I use often is the EWG Skindeep Database.

This database has almost 65,000 products listed for everything from toothpaste to deodorant to makeup.

They rank the products from 1-10. One is their “lowest hazard” rating and 10 is their “highest hazard”. In general I stick to products that are rated 1 or 2.

Luckily there are plenty of options in the database so finding a safe product is no longer an impossible task.

I wrote more about the harmful chemicals in beauty and body products in this post, Toxic Beauty: 5 Toxic Chemicals in Your Beauty Products and here, The Best Rated Natural Body Products.


Tip #3: Use The Guide to Healthy Cleaning

EWG also has a second database for home products called The Guide to Healthy Cleaning. It has all kinds of cleaners from detergent to dishwashing soap to all-purpose spray.

This database scores products from A to F. With A being the least hazardous and F being the most hazardous. I personally stick to A grade products when possible.


Tip #4: Look at the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics Ingredient List

The Campaign for Safe Cosmetics has an excellent list of harmful ingredients on their website.

They also include a list of potential hazards associated with the chemicals including studies linking the chemicals to their potential harms.

While they don’t list any products it’s important to understand why you want to avoid these chemicals.

I strongly encourage everyone take a look at the list to get a sense of what’s at stake.

Many of these very common ingredients are linked to cancer, infertility, eczema, and hormone disruption.

It’s critical that you learn to recognize these potentially harmful ingredients so you can avoid them.

You might also want to read my post, 11 All Natural Beauty and Body Swaps to Keep You Toxin Free.

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Tip #5: Pesticide Action Network’s What’s on My Food Database

While most blogs cite the EWG’s Dirty Dozen list I prefer to check the PAN Database.

I actually wrote all about why I generally disregard the Clean Fifteen in this post, Why I Ignore the Clean Fifteen and Buy Almost Everything Organic.

The Dirty Dozen list does indeed list the 12 most pesticide contaminated foods but these are by no means the only problem foods.

In fact many items on the Clean Fifteen list are loaded with harmful pesticides. If you truly want to eat a clean Filtered diet then you need to look beyond the Dirty Dozen list.

That’s why I prefer looking up a particular food under the PAN Database which will list the total amount of different pesticide residues found on a particular crop.

While this list isn’t perfect, and pesticide residues change from year to year, and crop to crop, the database will give you an idea of what a crop is likely to contain.

You can also look at individual pesticide types and see the potential harm in each type.

Another helpful resource is my Beginner’s Guide to Clean Eating as well as my posts 5 Steps to Avoid Eating Toxins.


Tip #6: Check out the Filtered Living Shop

When I work with new clients trying to get the toxins out of their lives one of the first questions is what can they use?

Many families are busy, busy, and just don’t have time to research tons of products to find the safest options.

To solve that problem I created the Filtered Living Shop which includes several sections including Beauty, Kitchen, Home, and Baby.

Each section in the Shop includes a list of recommended products that have been vetted for safety. I’ve cross checked the products in the EWG databases and included the links so you can buy with confidence, and then move right along with your awesome life.

The Filtered Living Shop has everything from safe baby bottles, to household cleaners, to makeup, and I’m constantly adding new products. Check it out today and start living Filtered.

So basically…

You can swap out all your harmful products for safe toxin free options…and do it without spending hours on research.

Use the Filtered Living Shop along with the databases to find the perfect toxin-free solutions for your precious family. Go from a toxic loaded home to a toxin free paradise today! You deserve to live healthy!

How about you? Have you used any of these resources to help you detox our world? Do you have any helpful tips? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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