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How to Deal With Overwhelm When Trying to Live Healthy

Let me paint the picture, it’s morning, my little one is still asleep and I’m enjoying the quiet time to catch up on news (wellness news that is) while sipping my green tea.

Then it happens, I read a story from a trusted source. My eyes scan the headline that usually goes something like, Cancer Causing (fill in the blank) Found in (your favorite thing that you use every day and thought was safe but is actually KILLING you)! **eyes boggle**


How to Deal With Overwhelm When Trying to Live Healthy | via

Yep. That’s pretty much the reaction.

We’ve all been there right?

Here we are trucking along, eating clean, making our own DIY cleaners, running everything by EWG and then BAM! The jaws of toxins close shut on our little clean living bubble.

This is the point where many just throw their arms up in defeat. Why is everything trying to kill me?!

And because there are new chemicals, companies, and devious alliances every year, new dangers will creep up and make you question everything you are trying to accomplish.

Make no mistake, clean living overwhelm is a thing!

I’ve been there too. I read a ton of articles, studies, and health related news so it probably happens to me more than most.

So what’s a person just trying to live healthy and toxin-free to do?

Never fear, I got this. Here are my best tips for how to deal with overwhelm when trying to live healthy.

Step 1: Take a breath and calm down.

Actually this is good advice for any stress inducing situation.

But seriously. Don’t panic. Try not to physically react to the news (remember that regular unnecessary adrenaline spikes are no good for your body).

There’s nothing you can do to change what’s already done so don’t tack on more stress on top of everything else.

And freaking out isn’t going to help you solve the problem but it does makes it pretty hard to think straight. So again, calm down.

Go for a walk, play some tunes, binge on your favorite show, watch Game of Thrones memes…but just chill out so you can regroup.

Need extra help? Use this amazing little product that I wrote an entire post on here. It really works to soothe you.



Step 2: Verify the information is accurate and not just headline baiting or media skewed nonsense.

Once you are regrouped you need to verify if this new threat is actually a threat.

Reputable media sources will link to their sources. Click those links. Read the studies (or at least the abstract). And cross reference the info.

A lot of times these scary headlines are just baiting you for a click. For example a headline might say, Warning: Blueberries will cause you to spontaneously combust!

Okaaaaay. A few clicks later and you realize that story is drawing conclusions from a study on radioactive blueberries fed to hissing cockroaches who were then dipped in battery acid.

Okay I jest, but honestly a lot of scary headlines are drawn from bogus studies or studies funded by sketchy sources or stories that completely misinterpret the data because of lazy “journalism” (twitter is a reliable source right?).

That said this step will also confirm an authentic threat and help you determine exactly how substantial the threat is. This is critical for step 3.

Anyone who tells you that living healthy is easy, is either lying or a golden egg laying unicorn! Click To Tweet

Step 3: Make a plan.

If the threat is real then instead of running around all Chicken Little you need to make a carefully thought out plan.

This doesn’t need to take hours. Once you know the potential harm is real come up with a way to either avoid the toxin or mitigate it.

I prefer avoidance if possible, and in most cases this is easy to do thanks to a plethora of online resources and product options.

However if the threat is something that can’t be avoided, like say toxic air, then mitigation is your way to go.

Now this will require some research, so brace yourself for some hours spent reading, but once you have your solution you are good to go.

Pub Med and Green Med Info are good places to start your research.

By the way I’ll be writing a series on toxic mitigation strategies that will help everyone who’s been exposed to various chemicals. Stay tuned!

With few exceptions, most everyday toxins can be removed safely from the body and repair is often as simple as diet change and adding key supplements. I know because I research this area a lot!


Step 4: Implement and move on.

This is probably where I see most well-meaning folks get stuck.

They research. They implement. Then they continue to freak out.

Look I get it, we live in a scary world where it seems like everything is trying give you cancer or kill your kids, but worrying yourself to death isn’t going to make a difference.

I’ve met a lot of neurotic clean living folks who are miserable because all they do is freak out over the latest threat.

Never forget that the point of clean living is so you can ENJOY living. Don’t waste your life worrying about what you can’t change. By the way, that applies to everything.

If you’ve done ALL that you can to remove the threat and mitigate the harm (plus any relevant lifestyle changes) then you my friend need to move on.

Don’t sit around obsessing about what could happen.

Don’t lose your marbles over your level of exposure.

Don’t stay up at night replaying the endless loop of what if.

Stop it! Seriously.

Stressing yourself out will drive you crazy and probably affect your immune system making you MORE susceptible to harm.

So do yourself a favor and continue to focus on what you can do to live as healthy as possible and let go of what you can’t change.

So basically…

Trying to live Filtered can be overwhelming. There are so many toxins and new ones popping up every day. It can all make you crazy.

Instead of freaking out make sure the threat is real, then make a plan to do everything you can to avoid and/or mitigate the harm, and then simply move on.

Freaking out and obsessing endlessly over what ifs isn’t going to help you. However it will make you and your family miserable.

Don’t forget that clean living is meant to help you live a long happy life…don’t waste that precious life in the vicious cycle of worry. Do everything you can to live Filtered and then go enjoy that beautiful life!

How about you? Do you or anyone you know struggle with overwhelm? How have you managed it? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Until next time!

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If you are trying to live healthy but feel defeated every time you read about yet another dangerous thing in your food, air, water...whatever, then this post is for you! It's totally normal to feel this way BUT there's a better approach. Check out these tips to get you healthy WITHOUT going crazy. *Click to read. Pin for later.* -- How to Avoid Overwhelm When Trying to Live Healthy | via


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