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4 Pillars to Help You Avoid Toxins (so you can be vibrant)

You probably already know that toxins are all around you. And while you might try to avoid toxins, figuring out what’s healthy and what’s not probably feels pretty overwhelming.

Cancer causing chemicals hide in your food, water, and even the air in your home. But for most people the idea of tackling ALL these sources can feel very daunting.

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I felt same sense over overwhelm when I started on my journey to live a primarily non-toxic Filtered life.

I’m here to tell you it doesn’t have to be so overwhelming.

I’ve realized that all the pieces can be gathered under four simple pillars.

So now you can think less of, “it’s soooooo much to tackle” and instead think, “Only 4 pillars, okay, I totally got this!”

I’ve also made the list in order of priority. You’ll absorb more toxins from your food and water than say the air in your bedroom. So I suggest you tackle the high exposure categories first and then move to the next, equally important but less critical pillar.

So if you really want to avoid all the harmful and health destroying chemicals you encounter use these 4 pillar as a guide to help you go from toxic to toxin-savvy!


Avoid Toxins Pillar #1: Drink Clean

Water is loaded with contaminates. I mean LOADED, and I’m not talking about third world country water, I’m talking about modern drinking water systems.

Most water has fluoride added to it, a known neurotoxin. Most water municipalities add chlorine, or the more concerning chloramine, to disinfect the water but don’t bother to actually filter it out (that’s your problem).

Dated piping means lead contamination is frighteningly common.

Fracking operations often mean tainted water.

And let’s not leave out contamination by pesticides, herbicides, pharmaceuticals, radium, arsenic, and more.

So what’s a family to do?

Your best bet is whole house system that filters fluoride (hard to get out and most systems do NOT filter it out). This will assure all water in your home is safe, but these systems are expensive and not an option for renters.

Your next bet is an under the sink reverse osmosis filter (again make sure it get out fluoride) like this one or this one, and a shower filter that gets most contaminates out (but FYI no shower filter can get fluoride out).

Alternatively you can opt for a countertop system instead of an under sink system and for that my favorite option is the Berkey.

The Berkey is gravity fed and requires no electricity (making it useful when you are likely to need it the most) and is excellent at removing almost all contaminates, including fluoride (provided you add the fluoride filter). Plus it’s portable so it’s perfect for renters or travelers.

No matter which option you choose make sure you are not exposing yourself to contaminated water (which is also common in processed foods and restaurants) you deserve clean water that won’t harm you!

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Avoid Toxins Pillar #2: Eat Clean “Filtered” Food

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“Filter” out the bad stuff, that’s the Filtered Family motto. And by far the most common, frequent, and potentially harmful sources of toxins (technically called toxicants) comes from our food.

Your food is a potential health destroying bomb full of massive amounts of pesticides, GMO crops, and dangerous additives like stabilizers, antibiotics, pharmaceuticals, and more.

I talk a lot about how to eat clean Filtered diet and avoid toxins but if you haven’t yet traveled down that path (or need a refresher) read my posts:

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5 Steps to Avoid Eating Toxins

The best advice I can give you to avoid health destroying food is simply this…

Eat an organic whole foods based diet that you cook mostly yourself, with more plants than (organic/pastured/grass-fed) meat.


Avoid Toxins Pillar #3: Use Clean Beauty and Body Products

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The next big exposure of potentially harmful chemicals including carcinogens and endocrine disruptors comes from our beauty and body care products.

The average U.S. woman is exposed to 168 chemicals every day.

Many of these chemicals are known to cause cancer and mimic hormones, and therefore wreak havoc on your body.

These chemicals are also linked to chronic skin conditions like eczema and dermatitis.

This time I prefer a cold-turkey approach, basically throw everything out that’s bad and swap for safe alternatives.

Unfortunately that’s where it can get a bit complicated, it’s often hard to know what’s safe and what is.

A good first stop to researching the safety of your product is the EWG skin deep Database, which scores products based on their likelihood to cause harm.

But if you don’t have the time to research every single product then check out the Filtered Shop Beauty page which has plenty of safe products that have all been vetted by me. From shampoo to deodorant to toothpaste I’ve got you covered!

And for more on detoxing your beauty and body routine read these posts:

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Avoid Toxins Pillar #4: Clean Your Environment

4 Pillars to Avoid Toxins | via

While your home may not have as big of an impact as your food and water it is still important to do what you can around the house to reduce unnecessary toxin exposure.

I suggest starting in the kitchen and swap out all plastic food and drink containers for glass and stainless steel.

Then make sure your cookware and bakeware are all safe and non-toxic, choose better options like stainless steel, cast-iron, safe ceramic, and glass.

Toss the fake fragrance sprays, misters, and candles and opt for natural high quality essential oils. Using an essential oil diffuser is a great way to bring beautiful natural health promoting fragrance into your home.

While there’s a lot to cover in terms of safe furniture, mattresses, and carpeting, the easiest solution is to simply buy a high quality air purifier and fill your house with chemical removing plants.

I use the Blueair air purifier but if I were to buy a new unit today I’d probably go with the IQ Air Health Pro or Air Doctor.

As for plant options there’s a lot to choose from, check out this post on the best air purifying plants.

And finally make sure you get any humidity and water damage under control, as toxic black mold can totally devastate your health and is VERY hard to resolve.

Read more about safer options for your home in these posts:

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So basically…

Going from toxic to toxin savvy is very doable when you break down the process into smaller chunks.

I highly recommend starting with your water and food for the biggest immediate impact. Since the majority of our exposure comes from these two sources these two will make a big difference in your overall exposure.

If you need a quick win first then try starting with detoxing your beauty and body routine instead.

I generally suggest a two to four week focus on each pillar, depending on how busy you are. This is a doable timeline that will light a fire under your rear.

But the bottom line is any progress is good. Because of the sheer quantity of toxin exposure anything you can do to avoid toxins can have a big impact on your health!



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4 Pillars to Avoid Toxins | via


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