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So you’re curious, who the heck am I?

First I’m sooo happy to have you visiting my little corner of the internet! Welcome!

In a nutshell, I’m a health coach specializing in detoxing people’s lives.

I teach people how to get the harmful and dangerous toxins out of their diets, body products, and homes.

While this can feel overwhelming to many, my approach is to give you small manageable steps that build on each other until finally you’ve created your own toxin-free slice of paradise.

Consider me your personal hand-holder on your way to toxin-free bliss!

I’ve also saved a few close loved ones and friends from some serious health catastrophes by creating customized protocols based on research and healing protocols.

One of my biggest success stories was when I had a little one battling an antibiotic resistant staph infection, after weeks of research I finally created a protocol that saved her from the dire consequences of this potentially deadly bacteria.

I also helped an amazing mama successfully battle a potentially deadly c-diff infection by designing a custom protocol that included diet, herbal antibiotics, and big lifestyle changes. After 3 weeks in the hospital she was finally released and has been without relapse ever since (most people relapse in the first 18 months).

I include many of these natural remedies of the website as well. Because of part of detoxing your life is also choosing safer approaches to healing.

While I’m not a doctor or other medical professional I have spent almost a decade devoted to getting the toxins out of my life and doing the same for others.

Unfortunately most people are too busy to devote hours or even weeks of research to a single problem. That’s why I started Filtered Family, to take what I’ve learned and share with you in digestible chunks. So you too can live healthier, have healthier kids, and have a better chance at an enjoyable long life.

Besides all that I’m a single mom, a former restaurateur, and a lifelong entrepreneur.

If we were peeps you’d say I prefer interesting over perfect and sassy over polite…but overall I’m a good egg (at least that’s what my kid says)

My approach…

Filter out the bad and welcome the good is my motto. The toxic crap in most stores and restaurants has no business masquerading as bona fide food.

I’m a proponent of organic whole foods with a emphasis on plants and healthy fats along with high quality pastured meats (if meat is something you eat–if not don’t worry we can still be friends). 

I also believe the healing plants and foods all around us shouldn’t take a back seat to dangerous overused and often unnecessary  pharmaceuticals, especially when they work substantially better.

I believe in targeted high quality supplements because the soil today isn’t producing the kind of quality nutrition we had 100 years ago.

I also happen to think love and kindness nourish the soul (but a little sass never hurt anyone).

Check out some of my most popular posts, all written to help YOU!

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Bonus time!

Because I think you are awesome and I’m all about making your life easier I’ve created a Resource Library full of downloads and checklists to help you live clean, and detox your life. And the best part, it’s FREE!

Yep, I made all these cool resources and I’m giving them to you because I want you to make this year your best ever! So get your exclusive access to the Resource Library here.

Filtered Family Resource Library

Let’s connect!

So let’s be friends! Stick around, hang out and read some stuff! Let’s connect!

If you want to share your thoughts about the blog, have a suggestion, or just want to gush about how freaking cute penguins are (seriously how could such a cute creature exist!), then drop me an email at mayakim@filteredfamily.com.

If you want to follow Filtered Family, you can see what I’m pinning at Pinterest, see my motivational quotes and pics in Instagram, or like the Facebook page. Twitter still baffles me, I’m all about pins and grams right now.

Have a look around, subscribe to the Resource Library, and share the love!


**Hugs &  Health**

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