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5 Amazing Essential Oils for Radiant Beauty

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I don’t know about you but I’m all about keeping that youthful glow as long as humanly possible.

I’m in my early thirties and still looking alright (woohoo!) and by alright I mean no wrinkles, clear and even skin…not too shabby.

Some of that youthful look is genetics (thanks grandma), but I attribute a big part of it to my beauty routine.

These days I use essential oils every single day to keep my face looking snazzy.

Here are my 5 favorite amazing essential oils for radiant beauty.

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 Frankincense Oil

This timeless oil has been in use for thousands of years. This oil, drawn from the resin of the Boswellia tree, is a beauty superstar.

Used for its ability to even skin tone, lighten sun damage, tighten skin, and fight fine wrinkles. If there is one oil you want to add, it’s this one.

Like lavender, this oil has a powerful scent. It’s best described and woodsy and masculine. It’s also the most expensive of the oils so I only use about 2-3 drops mixed with argan oil.

Note: Because this oil acts as an emenagogue, please avoid it during pregnancy.

Geranium Oil

If your aging skin isn’t as tight as it used to be, then geranium oil is perfect for you. Geranium oil is astringent and therefore does a great job of tightening skin, muscles, and minimizing the look of wrinkles.

It also can be used for acne prone skin as geranium oil has some antimicrobial properties.

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Geranium oil smells a bit like rose and is a wonderful all around beauty oil. This is oil should be part of every woman’s beauty routine. It is a beauty workhorse and can be used for all types of skin.

Geranium Oil is also hemostatic, meaning it helps stop bleeding. I keep an extra bottle in my first aid kit.


Lavender Oil

Lavender oil is truly amazing at soothing the skin, especially after burns and bites.

I used to own a restaurant, and these days I still cook a lot, so burns are just part of the routine. Anytime I get a burn I just pat a drop or two of lavender oil and voila pain is gone. And I’m talking ugly foot-stomping painful burns.

Within seconds of application the pain is gone, and the burn never blisters and always heals quickly with little scarring. It’s also great for sunburn and bug bites, a superstar in your first aid kit.

5 Amazing Essential Oils for Radiant Beauty | via

If lavender oil can heal a second-degree burn, imagine what it can do as part of your beauty routine. It is commonly used to heal acne-prone skin and reduce skin aging. Its antimicrobial properties and potent antioxidants are probably the reason it does such a great job at both. Plus it smells heavenly!


Rosehips Oil (not an essential oil but…)

Rosehips oil is a light oil that absorbs quickly into the skin and one that many women swear by.

It has a long history of use in ancient cultures and for good reason. It is excellent for dry damaged and mistreated skin.

Rosehips oil is rich in fatty acids, and probably the reason it makes an amazing moisturizer.

Keep in mind rosehips oil can degrade quickly so I keep it in the fridge. And some people say it gives your skin an orange hue while it’s on (I didn’t have an issue with this) so you may want to use this one at night only.

You can also do what I do and brew some rosehips tea from from ground rosehips for a morning boost of vitamin C and flavanoids. Bonus beauty points!


Tea Tree Oil (melaleuca oil)

Tea tree oil is an amazing little treatment for acne.

Many over the counter acne remedies have caught on to tea tree oil’s ability to clear skin. Save your money and go straight to the pure tea tree oil.

You can thank tea tree oil’s antiseptic, antifungal, and antibacterial properties for its amazing benefits.

For a quick acne treatment, dip an organic cotton swab into the oil and dab it directly onto blemishes. You’ll see improvement by the next morning.

If you have acne prone skin, just mix 1-2 drops with your carrier oil and spread all over your face and neck. Avoid eyes! For the love of all that is great AVOID THE EYES! I was once convinced I had been blinded by an errant drop of oil. It burned THAT bad!

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Carrier Oils –  These are the foundation oils to which other oils will be added.

Argan Oil

Of all the carrier oils, argan oil is my favorite. I initially bought argan oil to use as a supplement to my beauty routine, next to the $75 serum and $65 night cream. Turned out the argan oil worked so well I actually stopped buying the expensive creams and serums.

I now use argan oil as the base for all my beauty combinations. You’ll be amazed at how thoroughly it moisturizes and softens skin. Even dry, cracked skin is no match against just a few drops of this luscious oil. Seriously, it’s THAT good!


Avocado Oil

Avocado Oil is my favorite carrier oil for the body. Although I would love to use argan all over–instead of just my face, neck, and hands–it’s just not cost effective. However, avocado oil is moisturizing, easy to find, and inexpensive. It’s also thicker than coconut oil, so it’s usually my go to body moisturizer in the winter months.


Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is all the rage these days. Thanks to Bruce Fife’s book, Coconut Oil Miracle, I was rockin’ coconut oil long before all the cool kids were doing it…and back when it was impossible to find. These days it’s cheap and easy to find.

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Although I love eating coconut oil it isn’t my favorite for the skin. It is thinner than avocado oil but even so it seems to take a bit longer to absorb. And since it’s solid at room temperature (or cooler) I tend to only use it in the summer when it’s always liquid. I just don’t like digging into a solid mass of coconut oil.

That said this is still a great option for the body. It’s also my favorite for kids since it does has some antifungal, antibacterial, and antiviral properties. And you gotta love that coconut scent.

Where coconut oil really shines is as a hair gloss and conditioner. I have long thick hair, and I love running just a bit of coconut oil through it for a smooth moisturizing shine. Just make sure you buy cold-pressed unrefined virgin organic oil like this one.


My personal beauty recipe (1% dilution)

(always remember to do a spot check with each oil before using and always use high quality oils)

• I like start with a base of 1 tsp of argan oil (but choose whichever carrier you like best). This recipe is a 1% dilution for each essential oil at this ratio (3% total since rosehips oil isn’t an essential oil) but you can do 2% (2 drops per teaspoon) if your skin has deeper lines or scars, or if you are only using a few oils instead of all four.

• 5 drops of rosehips oil
• 1 drop of frankincense oil
• 1 drop of lavender oil
• 1 drop of geranium oil

Rub all the oils together in your hand and massage onto face, neck, and hands.

Then ignore the screaming toddler and imagine yourself on a sunny beach while feeling beautiful and relaxed (ok don’t ignore the kid too long…but do try and relax).

A few last points (safety first!)

Essential oils are amazing little bottles of wonderful. I constantly amazed at what they can do, but remember to always research your oils to make sure they make sense for you.

Make sure you buy from a reputable source that steam distills or cold-presses.

Aura Cacia is a nice reputable and budget friendly option that’s also available everywhere. Lately I’ve been loving Plant Therapy. Mountain Rose Herbs is also another great high-quality source.

On a personal note I avoid the MLM companies like DoTerra and Young Living. I could write a whole post on why these companies drive me crazy but I’ll leave that for another day.

Make sure you are buying 100% pure oil, not a diluted mixture. Cheaper oils are mixed with carriers or fillers, something you don’t want.

Some oils (like certain citrus oils) are photosensitive and can cause burns if exposed to sunlight. So exercise caution. Always research the safety of your chosen oil and do a spot test before applying to a large area.

Exercise caution if pregnant. Many oils are amazing for mother and baby, but a few can be dangerous. Check with your midwife, herbalist, aromatherapist, or doctor about the safety of your chosen oil during pregnancy.



I hope this has helped you discover some new ways to bring out that awesome beauty and radiance. I will never go back to store-bought creams and synthetic ingredients and you shouldn’t either.

If you want to read more about natural beauty you can check out my 3 Natural Oils I Use for Head to Toe Beauty and my posts 11 Natural Beauty and Body Swaps to Keep You Toxin Free.


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  • I will sadly admit that though I’ve heard of all these oils…I have yet to start using them. BUT…..I did recently place an order with Mountain Rose Herbs, so I will start using them soon. (Yay me!) And thanks for the warning of the MLM companies…..yeah, I get inundated with them on my Facebook page… from me, buy from me… :/ Now, I’ll just have to figure out all the recipes for various uses. Glad I found this blog though. Thanks for all the info you posted here. 🙂

    • Hi Sasha, so glad you found the post helpful! Yes, Mountain Rose is so great, and their blog has a lot of great recipes too. Enjoy your new oils!

  • Would it be OK to fill a small jar with about 10 teaspoons oil, and then the right amount of oils per teaspoon? Seems awfully time consuming to make it every night.

    • Hi Katie, yes you can absolutely make it ahead of time. I like the ritual of adding all the components and massaging on my face but in the interest of saving time you can definitely make it ahead. The essential oils won’t lose any effectiveness if they are pre-mixed. Just make sure to add a tag or label so you don’t forget what you added.

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