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Maya's wealth of knowledge literally saved my life...as a busy mom I ate way too much junk food and fast food, and was too busy to think about my health. That all changed when I received a devastating diagnosis.  Maya created a healing protocol for me and since making all the changes I've lost 20 pounds, have more energy, and feel much more balanced (plus no relapse!). Maya's programs are everything you need to know to make the transformation [to a toxin-savvy life] and change your life!

Krissy Gunderson
School teacher and mom of two

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I'm Maya, a health coach specializing in detoxing people's lives and the founder of FilteredFamily.com (and a single mama), and I'm here to help YOU live a radiant toxin savvy life!

I've spent eleven years on my healthy living journey and now I help people just like YOU live vibrant toxin savvy lives.

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While working with clients I’ve realized that families need a simple and clear roadmap to take them from toxic and sick, to healthy and vibrant.

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10 modules all 100% online and on-demand + a 16 page workbook + a bonus summary video for busy families!

7 modules all 100% online on-demand + a PDF workbook + a bonus summary video for busy families!